Spring Is In The Air!

The weather here in Utah has been SO nice lately, almost reaching 70 during the day. We have spent a lot of time outside, playing with neighbors and at the park. I always feel the spring cleaning bug as soon as the weather changes and want to sell everything I own and replace my whole wardrobe. Is anyone else that way? I’ve rounded up some clothes, accessories, and makeup that I have had my eye on the past few weeks, and I’m sharing my faves!

These Qupid slides are on my already purchased list, haha. You can find them for as cheap as $10 on Amazon! They come in multiple colors, too.

 A good gloss is always a must have, and THIS Marc Jacobs one is beauty guru Jaclyn Hill’s fave.

Cute bathing suits! I’m loving THIS open front, full booty coverage one.

 I’ve been loving rose gold, and especially loving THESE slip on vans.

 For me, I need oversized sunglasses! Love THESE one’s from Nordstrom.

 Slightly embarrassed on how much I like THESE!

 Cute, light dresses are always important. Love THIS one.

  I love THIS facial spray. It is cheap, smells good, and is a nice refresher throughout the day.

What are some of your favorite things for spring? I’m always looking for other things I *need*, lol. Let’s all pray for nice weather from here on out.




Summer Shoe Trends!

After browsing the Internet for shoes, like I do multiple times a week, I thought I should hit up trusty Google to see what the actual “trends” of the upcoming summer of 2016 is. Don’t be mistaken, I’m no fashion guru who follows trends and knows what is in season, past season, you get the idea. Generally I like what I like, and wear what I want when I want. I was impressed with some things I found, and am here to share my faves.

–BLOCK HEELS…love these ones from Asos, on sale too!


–FUN FLATS…this I can be into. Colors, patterns, poms, whichever you please! Loving these from ModCloth.


–MULES…I’ll be the first to admit I am not a fan! I don’t know what it is about them but they are something I most likely wouldn’t wear. If I had to choose a pair that I absolutely had to wear, it would be these from Dolce Vita.


–SHOWER SHOES/SLIDES…LOL is all I can say. Adidas is making a big comeback and I’m not mad about it. I don’t know if I have the guts or style to pull them off though. Zappos had the best size selection!


–SNEAKERS…always a YES! When aren’t sneakers in style? I’m loving the New Balance trend that has been popular for a while now. I own this pair and love them more and more each time I wear them.


–LACE UP/GLADIATOR SANDALS…If you learn anything from this post, I need it to be this. GET THESE SANDALS. The end, goodbye, that is all for now, mic drop. Zara does it again.

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Anyone care to tell me their favorite summer trend, or anytime trend for that matter?