Our Favorite Shoes…and a GIVEAWAY!

If you know us at all, you know that we love our Freshly Picked moccs. They were the first pair of shoes I had gotten for Saylor, and we wore those babies for a YEAR straight. She had tiny feet as a baby, and they literally were the only shoes that stayed on, weren’t ginormous, and were so cute! Her first pair was PLATINUM and they matched everything! Highly recommend that color.

IMG_6202 IMG_1398IMG_9792

Freshly Picked is a small (well not “small” in the sense of it being little anymore) business out of Provo, UT. A hard working, determined mama started this company all by herself with a few random scraps of leather and has grown this company to be pretty much a household name. This company gives back so much, is always up to do a giveaway, and hosts warehouse sales around the nation so we can score awesome deals if you don’t like paying full price!

 IMG_1369 IMG_1393

A few of my favorite things about Freshly Picked Moccasins are: the colors and prints (anyone can find one they LOVE), the fit (elastic around the ankle is genius), the little footprints they start to get on the bottom after some wear, and how well they truly hold up.




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I am lucky enough to give away one pair of soft soled moccs to a lucky person! Head to my IG @robynmeacham to find out how you can win, and better follow @freshlypicked while you are at it!

Can’t wait to hear what everyones favorite colors are!



The Ultimate Debate…

…between Swig and Sodalicious. That’s right, I’m here to let you know which is better. Well, maybe not better, but I’m going to break down the differences in drinks, cookies, price, and service!



Before moving to Utah, the closest thing we had in California to a “cutesy drive through personalized soda stand with cookies” was Sonic, ha. So you can understand my excitement. I love cookies! And I love Diet Coke with flavoring! Every basic mom’s dream! We moved just a few miles away from a Swig, with a Sodalicious not much further away. Because Swig was in my path of driving, that is where I would frequent.  One day I had the brilliant idea to compare the 2 places. People up here seem fiercely loyal to either one or the other.  I had to dissect the differences and figure out what differences, if any, there were. Aren’t you so happy I am doing this for you?

Ok first off let’s start with pricing. I got the exact same thing at both places, a 32 oz Diet Coke with coconut and lime, and a chocolate chip cookie. YUM!  Sodalicious totaled a whopping $4.04, with Swig just a bit cheaper at $3.74. Not a huge difference. I also learned that Sodalicious does a “Two Punch Tuesday” system, and Swig has a few hours on Wednesday where you can upgrade your drink size for free.


Drink wise of course they were very similar. Sodalicious was a little bit more flat, but the flavoring was better. Swig had more carbonation which I prefer, but they were heavy on the lime. Both have pebble ice which is points for both! Pebble ice over everything.

Next up we have my favorite part, the COOKIES. For those who don’t know me personally, I LOVE COOKIES. Seriously give me all the chocolate chip cookies and I am a happy girl. My go to midnight snack while watching reality TV, my go to dessert, my go to mid day snack to go with my diet coke…get the picture? I have even discovered the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe which I will cover in a future blog post.


Swig cookie on top, Sodalicious cookie on bottom. Swig cookies come cold/sort of frozen which I LOVE. They have a sweeter taste to them. Sodalicious cookies remind me of ones that I would make at home, which isn’t a bad thing. They use big milk chocolate chips which I am a fan of. Overall, I would choose Swig cookies 8/10 times.

Last thing I will touch on is the service. I’m not one to go blast every bad experience I have as a customer, but I appreciate people who are nice and friendly! With that being said, Swig wins this category. I felt happier leaving there! I know people have bad days and I know it probably won’t be like that every single time, but these are my experiences and opinions. 🙂

Overall, I prefer Swig. I feel like I enjoyed the experience more, and I will just tell them to go easy with the limes. And I honestly can’t stay away from their cookies. Now tell me, which do you prefer?!

IMG_9203 Yes, I got LASIK 2 days ago, haven’t washed my hair, and am sitting in the back of my car haha. #moreroom #betterlighting



*Disclaimer* This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Swig or Sodalicious. These are solely my opinions and experiences. I am a fan of both businesses and love to support my community!

Bath Time Faves!

Today I am going to talk about my favorite bath products and company for Saylor (even for myself!). I am sure you have all heard of Tubby Todd by now, but let me tell you my experience with them and why I will never use anything else for my kids!

I discovered Tubby Todd on Instagram, and finally bought her bath set at the Mom Made Market in San Diego (side note, if you’ve never been to that, you must go). The Bath Set includes bath wash, lotion, and bubble bath. The first thing I noticed was the SMELL. Everything smells divine! Not too strong or overpowering, but the perfect amount. If you have ever been on Soarin’ Over California at California Adventures, the bubble bath smells like the orange groves! Or if you have ever driven through the orange groves in Redlands when they are blooming,  you know exactly what I am talking about! The lotion and bath wash are lavender scented, which of course everyone loves. It is also calming, which is pretty much a necessity when you have a crazy toddler! Now this bath wash lathers better than anything else I have ever tried, and I really appreciate that. A lot goes a long ways with these products! Another plus is that everything is all natural, and super good for sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema.


Let’s talk about the Dream Cream now. I bought this specifically for my dry hands. I have naturally dry skin, and in the winter, it gets even worse. And imagine moving to Utah. Not good! I have also used this on Say’s cheeks when they get wind chapped and dry. This cream is thick and silky, and not sticky at all! I keep one in my purse and one at home at all times. This has a totally different scent, a slight hint of mint, which is perfect.


Now if you didn’t know, Tubby Todd is a small shop owned by a young MOM. One of us! If you have followed her on Instagram (@tubbytodd), you know how passionate she is about her company. She saw a need in the bath time market, and filled it! I know that for me personally, I would so much rather support a hard working mama, than a big box store, or someone who doesn’t really care. Now if you haven’t tried it…I suggest that you go now! If you sign up for her newsletter, you can receive 10% off your first order. Happy bathing!