Cariloha Giveaway!

This is big you guys. I’m SO excited to have partnered with Cariloha to give one lucky winner their choice of a set of sheets.  Most likely you are here because of my Instagram post, but if you are not, go there to see all the steps to enter. Here are a few reasons you NEED their sheets.

IMG_2156  IMG_2160





  1. They are thee SOFTEST sheets I have ever owned or even felt!
  2. They keep you COOL. Troy was skeptical of them, but after only one night, he noticed a difference of these sheets keeping him cooler.
  3. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and helps repel odors and allergens.
  4. The company is awesome!



I was never a flat sheet lover, but Cariloha changed that for me. I love cuddling up with their soft and cool sheets, and I love the feel of them on my legs and feet.

For your extra entry for the giveaway, leave a comment with what sheet set (color and size), you would choose if you won! GOOD LUCK!



The Hot Iron Holster

Have you guys heard of this company? These Holsters are made of silicon and they cling to any smooth surface. Can you imagine the possibilities!? They honestly clear up so much counter space. They can not only be used in the bathroom, but in the craft room, toy room, or kitchen! Sounds like a dream to me. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes, which I love.

FullSizeRender 2



Be sure to head HERE and pick one up today. Use code Robyn20 for 20% off your order!!



BabyLit Giveaway and Review!

BabyLit. Ah. Where to begin? Saylor and I have been reading BabyLit books together since she was a tiny little baby. A family member had gifted us a few her first Christmas and I could instantly tell that these books were different. Not just because of their perfect size, how well they are made, but they hit something within Saylor! By the time she was a year, I swear she had Alice in Wonderland and Romeo & Juliet memorized. #babygenius! I’m just kidding…I know it has everything to do with the way these books are designed specifically for our little ones. Fun, creative images in bright colors. Dark, big and bold print, in simple words for kids to say and remember.

IMG_1969  IMG_1946

Not only do they have books, they have other fun things like puzzles, stroller cards, and dolls! Such cuteness I can hardly stand it.

My new favorite thing of their lately is the “All Aboard” series. I personally have the California, London, and National Park books, and I LOVE THEM. Each of those have a special place in my heart, and I love that I have a cute, little fun book to remind me why.


If you are following me on Instagram, which I hope you are (@robynmeacham), for your additional giveaway entry, all you have to do is…head over to BabyLit, check out their stuff, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which BOOK you would like!


Saylor says good luck and happy reading!



PS…sheets are from Cariloha and they are the BEST. More on that later 😉

Round Towel Trend

Are you a fan? I am! Some are SO expensive, I have a hard time paying $100+ for something that is basically a photo prop…sorry but that is the truth!


There are some really beautiful ones out there, and I’m here to share some of my favorites, in a variety of price ranges. My sister in law scored one on sale at Cotton On for only $10 and so kindly gave it to me, so that is the one we have been rocking!

imgres Love this print from Cotton:On. If you sign up for their email letter, you get 30% off, too!

imgres RoundTowelCo claim to be the OG’s here, and this pineapple one has me seeing why!

50358760Marimekko for Target…designer for a good price!

Z THIS PRINT! Everything. A little more pricey, but so gorg! Found HERE.

imgres  If you watch Shark Tank, you’ll recognize this company, SwimZip. LOVING THIS ONE!!

Salty_front_sm_grande  Last but not least, this beauty from Shop Strands. If you care about shopping small, buy from here!


Do you care about the round towel trend? If you have one, where did you buy from? We drove home (AZ home) last night from California, so today is our Monday, and boy does it feel like it!




The BEST Cookie Recipe!

As promised, I am here to share my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with you! This has came after years of picking and choosing what really does make up the best cookie (and with help of my mother in law). Every single thing that goes into a cookie can change the flavor and consistency, and these are my personal favorite things. I love lots of chocolate, salt, and slightly undercooked.


The first trick is SEA SALT. Sprinkle some right on top of the dough balls before you pop them in the over. LIFE CHANGING.

Second trick is an OVER FLOWING tablespoon of ARTIFICIAL VANILLA EXTRACT. I promise you that real vanilla doesn’t give you the taste in these cookies that you want.

Next thing to do for the perfect cookie is to not set the butter out to thaw! Soft/melted butter leads to flat cookies. I take the butter right from the fridge and microwave each stick for about 10 seconds.

Last trick is always add a bit more flour than the recipe calls for. I love fluffy, chewy cookies, so adding a little more flour than what is said to do always ensures a fluffy cookie!

Now here is the recipe-

Preheat the over to 375. In a large bowl combine-

2 cubes of butter, softened by microwave (see above)

1 C brown sugar

1/2 C white sugar

1 T imitation vanilla (overflowing)

1 egg

Mix together until creamy. Add the following ingredients into the same bowl.

2 1/2 C flour (or a little more)

1 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

Mix all together until smooth and there are no traces of flour. Mix in as many chocolate chips as you would like, this part is personal preference. Use 2 spoons to create large, rounded dollops of dough, about 1-2″ apart. Sprinkle with sea salt! Cook between 9-10 minutes, depending if you like slightly undercooked or fully cooked cookies.


My favorite part about baking and cooking is that there is no right or wrong way. You get to experiment and try new things. This recipe is my absolute favorite, and I have had a yummy time figuring it out along the way. I hope you try it out, and let me know what you think. What are some of your tricks for making the perfect cookie?



oh PS — another trick I always do, is I keep my cookies in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Don’t ask questions, just do it. It is the best.