Starting Solids with Nuby

Hi all! Remi turns 6 months on Saturday (what?!), so starting her on solids has been on my mind the last few weeks. We choose to skip cereals and just introduce her around 6 months. I had been looking for a few things to make feeding her easier, and I am here to share a few of my favorite things that I have found!


First is this E-Z Squee-z. I have loved this. It is a soft, squeezable silicon bottle that promotes self feeding and is easy for little hands to hold. I simply pour a small amount of pureed food in it and let Remi figure it out. We have used it a few times and it is cute to see her figure out bringing it to her mouth and chewing/sucking on it.


My older daughter Saylor has liked using this silicone placemat lately. It sticks to flat surfaces, is dishwasher safe, and she really likes the different sections. Once Remi starts eating more/different foods I will use this for her as well. It is really cute and convenient.


Last thing that is perfect for teething and introducing foods is this Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Tray. I love these! They are brilliantly designed. The handle that you hold is the perfect size, and they have a ring catcher thing around the actual popsicle part that is design to catch the drips as it melts. Such a good idea.

Starting foods with you baby is sort of bittersweet, it means they are growing, but it is also fun to have them try new things and learn. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @robynmeacham and enter my giveaway with Nuby!




Healthy Habits with RAWberry Smoothies

Hey all! If you follow me on Instagram (@robynmeacham), you know that I have been working with @rawberry_smoothies for a few weeks now. I was excited about this not just because I love smoothies, but because being pregnant has made me extra aware of the added nutrients I should be getting. Starting my day off with a smoothie packed full of healthy things ensures that I am doing something right.

Secondly, Saylor LOVES them…and normally isn’t the best eater. She is picky, and while she likes fruit, veggies are a whole other story. I love that I can sneak in kale or spinach, or even things like dates(what!?), into something she actually likes, likes helping me make, and it isn’t something I am forcing her to eat. Win!


Another feature I love about their company is that everything is prepackaged, and pre-portioned to the exact perfect amount. No waste! And they allow me to try combinations of things I would have never thought to have try! Think pears, dates, agave, grapes…so many fun things! Also, everything comes delivered right to your door! Hello, convenience.

RAWberry is a subscription service. Each week you choose whether you want a 3, 4, or 5 day plan. Each day makes enough for 2-16 oz. smoothies. It ships for free, and like I mentioned above, gets delivered right to your doorstep every Sunday. You can cancel, pause, or stop at any time. Right now they are delivering between Ogden and Utah County. If you are outside of those regions, let them know you are interested, as they plan to expand soon!


I truly recommend and have enjoyed RAWberry. I challenge you to be a little bit healthier this year, and this is the perfect way to start!



Are you an Influenster?

Have you guys heard of Influenster? If you haven’t, you are seriously behind on the times! If you are anything like me, I love getting free samples and I love trying new things. What Influenster is is an online community made up of shoppers (you and I) that test out new products in exchange for honest and fair online reviews, and in return get to stay on top of the current trends! These products can be anything from beauty to food related, and everything in between. You take surveys to show what you are interested in, and the more active you are on social media, the better chance you have of getting good stuff!

Here are some of the things I have recently gotten. These are from 2 boxes, and are not everything that came in each box. Some things I use up right away, and other things last me a while!


The Ole Henriksen box I got was amazing. Such high quality products. The other stuff was from the #ESVoxBox which had so many goodies in it. I particularly love the mascara! And Troy loved the protein powder sample, lol.

img_5275 img_5273









Here are a couple up close photos of my goodies…

img_2785 img_2786

I highly recommend signing up! Do so HERE …and starting getting fun, free stuff! Let me know if you sign up or if you already Influence!



Vitamins and More

I recently discovered Smarty Pants Vitamins and was so excited when they offered to send me some vitamins. I am always on the hunt for the best tasting ones (along side the nutritional value), not just for me, but for Saylor too. She is the pickiest little girl when it comes to chewy, gummy things, so when I tried these I KNEW instantly that these were something she would enjoy!


I received the 3 bottles pictured here. I tried a few of them and can honestly say they are the best tasting gummy vitamins I have had! They don’t have a weird aftertaste and they don’t have a weird consistency. Each bottle has different ingredients, carefully thought out and determined based off what each one of us needs. If you have any questions regarding Smarty Pants Vitamins, they can be found HERE.


I also need to touch on this waterproof pouch I received from Logan and Lenora. It is the Petit Pouch in Go Spot Go…SO obsessed with this print! All of these bags are waterproof and machine washable! Genius! They literally can be used for anything. Cosmetics, food, diapers, you name it. The Petit Pouch is the perfect size to fit into my diaper bag and fill it with whatever I need for the day.


Use code REFERRAL15 for 15% your orders on …these are a must have!

Happy Monday!



The BEST Cookie Recipe!

As promised, I am here to share my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with you! This has came after years of picking and choosing what really does make up the best cookie (and with help of my mother in law). Every single thing that goes into a cookie can change the flavor and consistency, and these are my personal favorite things. I love lots of chocolate, salt, and slightly undercooked.


The first trick is SEA SALT. Sprinkle some right on top of the dough balls before you pop them in the over. LIFE CHANGING.

Second trick is an OVER FLOWING tablespoon of ARTIFICIAL VANILLA EXTRACT. I promise you that real vanilla doesn’t give you the taste in these cookies that you want.

Next thing to do for the perfect cookie is to not set the butter out to thaw! Soft/melted butter leads to flat cookies. I take the butter right from the fridge and microwave each stick for about 10 seconds.

Last trick is always add a bit more flour than the recipe calls for. I love fluffy, chewy cookies, so adding a little more flour than what is said to do always ensures a fluffy cookie!

Now here is the recipe-

Preheat the over to 375. In a large bowl combine-

2 cubes of butter, softened by microwave (see above)

1 C brown sugar

1/2 C white sugar

1 T imitation vanilla (overflowing)

1 egg

Mix together until creamy. Add the following ingredients into the same bowl.

2 1/2 C flour (or a little more)

1 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

Mix all together until smooth and there are no traces of flour. Mix in as many chocolate chips as you would like, this part is personal preference. Use 2 spoons to create large, rounded dollops of dough, about 1-2″ apart. Sprinkle with sea salt! Cook between 9-10 minutes, depending if you like slightly undercooked or fully cooked cookies.


My favorite part about baking and cooking is that there is no right or wrong way. You get to experiment and try new things. This recipe is my absolute favorite, and I have had a yummy time figuring it out along the way. I hope you try it out, and let me know what you think. What are some of your tricks for making the perfect cookie?



oh PS — another trick I always do, is I keep my cookies in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Don’t ask questions, just do it. It is the best.


A New Cookie Recipe!

Hi guys! So if you know me, you know that I have perfected the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (which I will share later), and I don’t stray from it. The other day my sis told me that she was given a new cookie recipe that I had to try, and that it might give my recipe a run for its money! Too good to be true?! You be the judge.

IMG_9440 IMG_9432

Saylor helped me whip up a quick batch yesterday…she likes being included in things and feeling like she is helping me. I love that about this age…even if it really just makes more of a mess, haha.

Here is the recipe:

3/4 cup white AND brown sugar

3/4 cup butter flavored Crisco

2 eggs

1 T vanilla

2 1/4 C flour

1 t salt

1 t baking soda

1 bag of MILK chocolate chips

Bake at 325 degrees of about 10 minutes, more if you like well cooked cookies. If you are in higher elevation (like me, in Utah) I always add more flour to my cookies. About 1/4-1/2 CUP more.


These cookies are good, but not as good as mine! 🙂 Now I am going to let you into a super secretive secret to make all cookies exponentially better. ADD SEA SALT to the tops of them before baking. TRUST ME!! Just a little sprinkle is all you need, and that slight salty flavor will hit the spot with every bite. I just use this kind pictured from Costco.


Do you guys have a tried and true Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that you never stray from? I’d love to hear it! I love cookies! Are they anyone else’s go to sweet treat? Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think!



The Ultimate Debate…

…between Swig and Sodalicious. That’s right, I’m here to let you know which is better. Well, maybe not better, but I’m going to break down the differences in drinks, cookies, price, and service!



Before moving to Utah, the closest thing we had in California to a “cutesy drive through personalized soda stand with cookies” was Sonic, ha. So you can understand my excitement. I love cookies! And I love Diet Coke with flavoring! Every basic mom’s dream! We moved just a few miles away from a Swig, with a Sodalicious not much further away. Because Swig was in my path of driving, that is where I would frequent.  One day I had the brilliant idea to compare the 2 places. People up here seem fiercely loyal to either one or the other.  I had to dissect the differences and figure out what differences, if any, there were. Aren’t you so happy I am doing this for you?

Ok first off let’s start with pricing. I got the exact same thing at both places, a 32 oz Diet Coke with coconut and lime, and a chocolate chip cookie. YUM!  Sodalicious totaled a whopping $4.04, with Swig just a bit cheaper at $3.74. Not a huge difference. I also learned that Sodalicious does a “Two Punch Tuesday” system, and Swig has a few hours on Wednesday where you can upgrade your drink size for free.


Drink wise of course they were very similar. Sodalicious was a little bit more flat, but the flavoring was better. Swig had more carbonation which I prefer, but they were heavy on the lime. Both have pebble ice which is points for both! Pebble ice over everything.

Next up we have my favorite part, the COOKIES. For those who don’t know me personally, I LOVE COOKIES. Seriously give me all the chocolate chip cookies and I am a happy girl. My go to midnight snack while watching reality TV, my go to dessert, my go to mid day snack to go with my diet coke…get the picture? I have even discovered the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe which I will cover in a future blog post.


Swig cookie on top, Sodalicious cookie on bottom. Swig cookies come cold/sort of frozen which I LOVE. They have a sweeter taste to them. Sodalicious cookies remind me of ones that I would make at home, which isn’t a bad thing. They use big milk chocolate chips which I am a fan of. Overall, I would choose Swig cookies 8/10 times.

Last thing I will touch on is the service. I’m not one to go blast every bad experience I have as a customer, but I appreciate people who are nice and friendly! With that being said, Swig wins this category. I felt happier leaving there! I know people have bad days and I know it probably won’t be like that every single time, but these are my experiences and opinions. 🙂

Overall, I prefer Swig. I feel like I enjoyed the experience more, and I will just tell them to go easy with the limes. And I honestly can’t stay away from their cookies. Now tell me, which do you prefer?!

IMG_9203 Yes, I got LASIK 2 days ago, haven’t washed my hair, and am sitting in the back of my car haha. #moreroom #betterlighting



*Disclaimer* This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Swig or Sodalicious. These are solely my opinions and experiences. I am a fan of both businesses and love to support my community!