Our Nightly Routine!

Ever since Saylor was a newborn, we have given her a bath every night before bed. I don’t wash her hair every day, or even get it wet, but taking a bath became part of our routine early on.  Saylor has always loved the bath, and it’s been a great way to get the last of her energy out, as well as getting clean before getting into bed. Want to know the best part of taking a bath? Getting out and putting on jammies! Seriously though, Say right out of the bath, dressed, with wet hair is my favorite!

img_4498   fullsizerender-2   fullsizerender-3

I recently was introduced to Finn + Emma. Not only do they have a wide range of products, including clothes and toys, they are 100% organic, eco-friendly, and they support fair trade. I got 2 pair of their pajama sets, in Triangles (what Saylor is wearing) and Scribble. Both sets are so soft and cute. They have a thicker waistband, which I like. I got a size 3T, and they will fit throughout the winter. Finn + Emma are giving you 15% off all orders over $50…go HERE! I highly encourage you to try out their jammies, maybe grab one for a gift, and check out their toys!

img_4505       img_4503        fullsizerender

Poor Say is still not feeling the best, but she is sleeping comfy and cozy upstairs thanks to Finn + Emma!



PS don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Jord & see how I removed some impossible stickers with Goo Gone!

Pink Blush Giveaway!

I am so excited to have the chance to give away a $50 gift card to Pink Blush to one lucky lady! Pink Blush is a trendy boutique that carries a wide range of stylish pieces for the every day gal! I have gotten so much wear out of this blue midi dress, even though I am not currently pregnant, I plan to continue to wear it through my next pregnancy! It is so comfy and super cute. Be sure to head over to my Instagram account (@robynmeacham) to see how to enter!

 IMG_2465  IMG_2468IMG_2466


Diaper bag is from KikiLu Designs and I’m obsessed!! Everyone needs one 🙂 Good night, all!




Vitamins and More

I recently discovered Smarty Pants Vitamins and was so excited when they offered to send me some vitamins. I am always on the hunt for the best tasting ones (along side the nutritional value), not just for me, but for Saylor too. She is the pickiest little girl when it comes to chewy, gummy things, so when I tried these I KNEW instantly that these were something she would enjoy!


I received the 3 bottles pictured here. I tried a few of them and can honestly say they are the best tasting gummy vitamins I have had! They don’t have a weird aftertaste and they don’t have a weird consistency. Each bottle has different ingredients, carefully thought out and determined based off what each one of us needs. If you have any questions regarding Smarty Pants Vitamins, they can be found HERE.


I also need to touch on this waterproof pouch I received from Logan and Lenora. It is the Petit Pouch in Go Spot Go…SO obsessed with this print! All of these bags are waterproof and machine washable! Genius! They literally can be used for anything. Cosmetics, food, diapers, you name it. The Petit Pouch is the perfect size to fit into my diaper bag and fill it with whatever I need for the day.


Use code REFERRAL15 for 15% your orders on www.loganandlenora.com …these are a must have!

Happy Monday!



Back To (PRE)School!

For those of you with older kids, this is all routine and old news to you. But to others with their first kid, like myself, starting (pre)school in the fall, I thought it would be fun to put together a small list of some back to school essentials! Obviously in preschool they don’t need much of anything, but here are some fun idea’s of a few things they might need.

  1. A BACKPACK! Of course. I try to steer clear of character anything (sorry, Saylor!), but I love these animal SkipHop Backpacks from Target. One thing that Saylor’s teacher told me, and I wouldn’t have even thought about it, was to send them with a full sized backpack, or at least big enough for papers to fit in it. Littles can get frustrated with trying to cram everything in there.


2. NEW OUTFIT…duh! This is the best part. Gap has a ton of cute stuff right now, and they always have good sales.


Shoes, Dress, Top, Jeans

3. WATER BOTTLE…spill proof, of course. Contigo is always my go to brand.


What are some little things you would throw into their backpacks? Crayons, hand sanitizer, small pack of wipes? I’ve been told a change of clothes is key, as well as a few pull up’s even if they tell you no! I have yet to potty train Saylor because of all the traveling we have been doing, and I’m feeling the pressure of this because she will start school as soon as we get back to Utah…UGHHHHH. I’ve also read that a small family picture can help with the loneliness and sadness in the beginning.

Say will be in school only a few days a week for a few hours, but I am excited for her! She is going to have so much fun. I love Utah for many reasons, and there being SO MANY kids is one of them. Endless things for her to do, and us to do as a family. Other places, like CA, it can be a struggle to find things to do with and for kids, but not in Utah.

What would you add to my list?





Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Because I am the only person to have not yet talked about the Anniversary Sale, here are the few goodies I purchased today! Honestly I felt that some of their deals weren’t in fact that good of deals, but I am happy with the few things I got.

_12604763 BP Open Front Cardigan…I got it in olive green and it is perfect for fall.


_12576966 BP Long Sleeve Tunic Tee…this burgundy color is so pretty and it’s super comfy.


_12692277 STS Blue Ponte Pants…these pants are SO COMFORTABLE & I predict lots of wear out of them.


_12606235 BP Plaid Tunic Shirt…perfect length with leggings and perfect for fall!


The next few pieces are on my wish list/great deals! 🙂

_12360748Perfect Lucky Brand Booties


Love these Hunters!


I think this Vince Camuto cross body would be perfect for New York.


Such a good deal on the Nuna Pipa car seat!


Cutest alternative to the regular diaper bag, or even an everyday bag, by the Honest Company.


Last but not least, an AMAZING Allen Edmonds shoe deal!

Let me know some of the good deals you all got, I know you’re shopping out there!




First Time Mom?

Being a first time mom, I am constantly scouring the Internet and Instagram for the latest and greatest. I love baby gear, and finding new products or accessories that I can’t live without. (Sorry, Troy!) I am NOT an expert, just a lady who has tried lots of different things and is here to share what you absolutely NEED! I can’t possibly cover everything in one post, so this will be a start.

–Nursing? You need nipple cream and nursing pads (I preferred the reusable kind). Also, a good nursing cover! BONUS, this one can be used 3 ways!

city_cover_square_grande_1883df21-2ca8-4b66-a5c9-e64e62858bc8_grande Be sure to follow @copperpearl on IG for discounts and new products!


Fischer-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. This got so much use when Saylor was little! It is lightweight, easy to move around, and has the perfect incline position.

— A Sling Bathtub! We had one like THIS ONE and used it for almost a full year. The sling is perfect for when they are little, then the actual bath part is great for when they are learning to sit up/first learn to sit up on their own.

— A TRAVEL SYSTEM! This is an absolute must. Newborns sleep so much, and who wants to transfer a sleeping baby in and out of their car seat every time you are going somewhere? No one! Insert car seat in stroller and you are good to go. There are so many options in this field that it honestly could be its own blog post. but THIS ONE from Britax is always a top pick.


— Swaddle blankets. Lots and lots of them! I particularly loved the Aden and Anais brand, but to each their own! I used them for everything. Stroller blankets, burp rags, nursing covers…they will get lots of use!


That concludes my list for today, as Saylor is waking up from her nap. Trust me, we only scratched the surface! What are some of your must haves?



BabyLit Giveaway and Review!

BabyLit. Ah. Where to begin? Saylor and I have been reading BabyLit books together since she was a tiny little baby. A family member had gifted us a few her first Christmas and I could instantly tell that these books were different. Not just because of their perfect size, how well they are made, but they hit something within Saylor! By the time she was a year, I swear she had Alice in Wonderland and Romeo & Juliet memorized. #babygenius! I’m just kidding…I know it has everything to do with the way these books are designed specifically for our little ones. Fun, creative images in bright colors. Dark, big and bold print, in simple words for kids to say and remember.

IMG_1969  IMG_1946

Not only do they have books, they have other fun things like puzzles, stroller cards, and dolls! Such cuteness I can hardly stand it.

My new favorite thing of their lately is the “All Aboard” series. I personally have the California, London, and National Park books, and I LOVE THEM. Each of those have a special place in my heart, and I love that I have a cute, little fun book to remind me why.


If you are following me on Instagram, which I hope you are (@robynmeacham), for your additional giveaway entry, all you have to do is…head over to BabyLit, check out their stuff, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which BOOK you would like!


Saylor says good luck and happy reading!



PS…sheets are from Cariloha and they are the BEST. More on that later 😉


If anyone is like me, you find yourself scouring the internet for things you don’t really need. I love finding a good deal, especially with baby gear!

Britax has been our go to car seat brand since Saylor was a baby. I like the way they look, but more importantly, they are among the safest out there. Their new “click tight” bases can even last 10 years!

I found a great deal for the Britax B-Agile B Safe travel system in Sapphire on diapers.com, on sale for only about $335 shipped! Use code THOUSANDS at checkout, and you’ll get up to $35 off.


If you are looking for a new convertible car seat, I HIGHLY recommend this Britax Boulevard ClickTight. I have this exact seat for Saylor and I honestly can never buy anything else. I have said time and time again that their new ClickTight base is revolutionary. You feed the seatbelt through the under side of the seat, and you buckle it in like a regular seatbelt, lock the seat of the car seat back down and the seat does not move an inch! No more pulling straps and sitting on the seat to get it as tight as you can. I don’t worry at all and I love knowing that Saylor is safe. This seat is also great for extended rear facing.


Right now at Target you can get this exact seat pictured, for about $282 shipped. Be sure to use your RedCard for 5% off. You can also get either $20 or $40 back in gift cards when you purchase between $150-$250 of “baby and nursery gear”, so be sure to check into that as well!


I’m sad the weekend is over, but here is to a new week!