Friday Shopping Haul

I had a pretty good day shopping today…but then again, when isn’t shopping a good thing? I got some sweet deals and I wanted to share! I hit up Nordstrom Rack and Ulta, located conveniently down the street from me! You know I came home and price matched everything, to be sure I’m getting the best price.

Here are my goodies from the Rack…

images I’ve been wanting a neutral colored cross body, and found just what I was looking for in this Kate Spade!


I found these ADORABLE gold sea wees, size 1, for only $10! No, I’m not pregnant, and they definitely don’t fit Saylor, but I had to have them at that price! The best I could find online was at…I found code RMNDIAPERS20, and if you spend more than $49 they’ll ship for free.


Last is this pair of Riudavets Avarcas for Saylor. They are about 2 sizes too big but I had to get them for her. $19, yes please! Sorry I couldn’t find any good deals online…but see here for the exact pair.

Now of Ulta. I tend to prefer Ulta over Sephora, and here’s why. I love that they carry salon products, drugstore products, high end products…you get it. Ulta also has a way better reward system than Sephora does, and they always have coupons! Today I had $3 off from reward points, as well as a $3.50 off a $15 or more purchase. I’m going to link the exact products from Ulta with no shopping around, because they aren’t even that expensive to begin with.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. This has taken me a while to purchase, I have a very strong loyalty to Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. If you have ever used it, you understand. I used my sister’s Butter Bronzer the other weekend and decided I needed to branch out. It smells like the most perfect beach day, and at half the price, you can’t lose.


Batiste Dry Shampoo, tropical scent. I haven’t tried this brand yet, and apparently it is the best!


Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Coconut Lime. Who doesn’t love a good sugar scrub in a yummy flavor? I use a scrub every day after I was my armpits, tmi? Sort of weird and maybe gross I know, but I hate how sometimes deodorant can pile up and get weird feeling, so I like to use an exfoliant to get it all off. I also always exfoliate before a spray tan, duh!

Well that covers everything! I’m excited to try out and use all my goodies. What are your favorite things to shop for and do you always look for a good deal? Where are your go to places to shop? I want to hear! Until next time…



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