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I love a good pair of Nike’s. It seems that growing up, the brand of shoes that you mostly wore, sticks with you. I have friends who prefer Adidas and Asics, but I have always gone with the Nike’s. I have especially loved the casual, sporty shoe trend lately. I really need a pair of their Roshe’s…I’m surprised I don’t own one or 3 pairs yet. But I can’t decide on a color! HELP! Here are my top faves, and please tell me which you like best!

nike-roshe-one-womens Plain white, always a good choice.

511882_094_P1 Classic black and white.

shopping Pink…because PINK! Use code LKS16546 for 15% off!

14059618812575815114 Grey goes with everything, so I really like these.

3060819-p-MULTIVIEWLoving these white ones with the silver swoop!

704927_300_P1 Finishing the selections out with this pretty blue.

I have also realized that there are a few different kinds of Roshe’s. The Roshe Flyknits are the most expensive kind, and there are also Roshe One’s and Roshe Run’s. Take your pick! These also run about a half size big, so size down a little, and they will stretch out (thanks Brooke!).

Be sure to leave a comment and tell me your favorite color and if you have a pair already tell me what color you have!




PS — I am not the best with grammar and punctuation, so bare with me! Haha I am learning, and trying to be more eloquent and thought out here on my blog than I am in texting! 🙂




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